Monday, 24 October 2011

We've Been Framed

Our frames were delivered to site last Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday Linda went past the block after dropping Isaac at school and the first floor external walls had been stood!!!!  Unfortunatly I didnt finish work until 8pm that night but I still went past and had a look in the dark (thank you Apple for the toch app) but didnt get the full feel for it in the dark.
Went back with the family on Saturday morning and walked through all the rooms to get a feel of how big it is going to be. Everyone was very happy!  It was also good to get the tick of aproval from my 6 year old son that the man cav was big enough, he just wants to know if we can fit a scanner that will only unlock the door to the man cave if your male... I told him to aks his mum.
Went back on Monday night and all the joists and flooring for the first floor was fitted and the first floor frames had been craned on to the first floor, very impressed.
Woke up this morning and it was raining so I wasnt expecting anyone onsite today bit I went past anyway. To my surprise the first fllor external frames were all up at 9:30am and the framers were fitting the internal walls even though it was raining, very very impressed.

These 2 photos were taken on Saturday morning. This was all done in 1 day!


  1. Good one! It is amazing how quick it goes up.

    Our builders were fantastic, worked through the rain to get the frame up very quickly. Would love to see shots of the second storey as well if you get a chance to take some more pics!