Saturday, 27 August 2011


How do you know when its time to stop?? LOL

There is so much we could get but there comes a time when you have to stop. Anyone else have this problem?

Kitchen upgrades we got were:
Poly doors
Poly Pantry Doors
x4 Extra cupboards (because I wanted the Bulkhead to run all the way across and it couldnt been done unless I purchased these cupboards)
Cold water tap for the fridge
40mm benchtops with waterfall

extra powepoints
points for fans to be installed
footer lights staircase
outdoors lights and powerpoints

All we have left now is the flooring which they said wont be done until the frame is up and the way our house is going that might be Easter......

The one upgrade I would love is the gas fireplace, all I have to do is convince Matt that its worth it

Colour Selection

We had to confirm our colour selections again so hopefully its a sign they might be ordering our building material shortly. So I thought id share our colour selection

Benchtops ice snow in 40mm with waterfall edge

Doors in White Poly  and Latte Glass splash back

Internal Paint: White Smoke with a feature wall going up the staircase still unsure of that colour

Bricks by Boral : Graphite

Garage door, watertank, downpipes  all in Dune

Cladding and eaves in Surfmist

Gutters : Ironstone

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Here we go again on the admin rollercoster

Has anyone else had the ride from hell with the admin of their builders??

Well after our builder FORGOT to put several documents in with our council application which was put to a stop because it took another 7 days to raise these documents, one of which matt actually got and done himself and the so called landscaping plan we paid $550 was MISSING it then had to go back for approval from Stockland. AFter another week of not hearing anything once again WE had to chase and fix it up with Stockland it finally went back to council and now is approved , yeah woohoo.

Until yesterday after speaking with the builder they are now saying its going to take another 6 weeks before we even turn dirt. So disappointed I just feel I want to walk away its so frustrating.

For those of you who have already started building is it true that after council approval it takes another 3 weeks for a construction certificate and then after that another 15 days to order materials before they even turn the dirt.