Saturday, 29 October 2011

Framework Complete

The builders are now flying. Frames were finished on Wednesday and the plumbers have roughed in the pipes by Friday. Bricks are onsite and windows will be onsit next wednesday. Brickies will then start on Thursday or Friday. The house is now taking shape.


  1. Great progress Matt and Linda... are you guys doing any wiring yourselves ie for surround sound or data for pc?

  2. Wow Matt and Linda, you guys are flying along. Your house looks magnificent :) .
    Have you had a chance to wander through? They put up a ladder to upstairs permanently.
    Looks like your SS is very organised. Lucky you

  3. Hi Matt and Linda, how is the build coming along? Any more action since the frame was erected?

  4. Hi guys, had a read through your blog for the first time tonight as we are also looking at building the manhattan 36. Still waiting four our tender due to our land not registering till march. I've done some preliminary investigations and asked wisdom a lot of questions regarding the "real cost" of things and have been a little shocked to be honest. At the moment without a firm tender based on the initial estimates they give you after paying the $1k deposit it seems we have jumped from a booklet price of $298k to $375k with a few upgrades. Was wondering if you could tell me what was your final tender build price for the manhattan 36 as I have started to talk to another smaller boutique type builder as a "planB" and from initial discussions they seem better value for money and a lot more flexible.