Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Slabs Down!

Well as promised by our SS our slab was laid yesterday! Its a nice change to things happen when they are supposed to... Next step is for the plumber to come on Monday and lay the external plumbing, then the frames are booked to be delivered on Tuesday.
  I went past the block yesterday afternoon to see the slab and Drew & Renee were there admiring thier almost completed house (sooo jealous Ha Ha) with their kids so our kids all got to have a play and ride their bikes and scooters up and down the street together for the first time which was pretty cool.
Slab looking from the front

Slab looking from the back


  1. Your slab looks HUGE! Isnt it the best when you see something happening on site? Do you live nearby where you are building so you can do daily drive by's. We live one block away from our build and drive by or walk by at least 3 times a day!

  2. More action for Gallinulla... things start to fly along now mate... cant wait to share a beer in a few weeks..!!

  3. Hey there.. just a question, did you get wisdom to quote you for gutter guard? Due to the BAL requirements, they quoted us over 4K and the other thing flyscreens the metal ones - did they quote you for that?

  4. Any more progress Matt and Linda?