Monday, 10 October 2011

Everybodies Waffling, Waffling

Got a phone call from our SS this afternoon to let me know our waffle pods and rio had been laid today and the slab will be getting laid tomorrow! Originally the slab was programmed in to be laid on Thursday so we are now 2 days ahead of schedule, something seems to be going right for a change.
I went past after work to have a look at the waffle pods and to get a couple of photos and noticed something wrong with our plumbing, the drainage for our kitchen was where our back door is supposed to go!!! A quick phone call to our SS to ask him if this was wrong and after a couple of photos sent to him comfirmed that the pipes were in the wrong spot. To his credit he hd the plumber back on site within an hour and the pipes were moved to the correct position. Not sure what would of happened if I didnt pick this up before the slab was laid...
     On a lighter note our SS let me know the plubmer has been booked in to lay the external plumbing next Monday and the frames will be delivered next Tuesday. Fingers crossed the weather stays fine for a while.

Image from rear of slab.


  1. Hi.. its great to hear things are on their way... we are still stuck in council, just like you guys more forms needed to be put in, plus our person that is looking after our da only works 2 days per week. So of all people we get someone that only works 2 days plus the person had last week off..

    So is makes us feel positive to see that things are going so quick now for you.

  2. Hi Cass it seems you have the same person we had in council (Jenette i think her name was) It was very frustrating because if anything needed to be resubmitted you had to wait until Thurs/Frid before it was actioned again. I started on copy Domenic (the owner of wisdom) in on all my emails over the last couple of weeks and this seemed to fast track things.

  3. Looks like Gallinulla Place is wild with activity!! The houses are flying up in the street and dont worry Cass... you wont be far behind!

    I was going to message you tonight as I saw the plumber back there this afternoon at 5:30pm... he looked impressed as well!

  4. OMG its all coming together now, so excited to see it when we come back down, love being kept up to date through your blog, keep updating for your little sister to see :D