Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The fun is about to begin!

Got an email today from our builder to let us know that they will be excavating our land either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning! Its been a long time coming but we will finally see something happening on our land. we went past the block tonight and took some photos of  the kids turning the first shovel of dirt and to our surprise there was a port a loo on site! Its pretty sad that seeing a port a loo makes you feel so happy but its a sign that work is about to begin


  1. Congrats Matt and Linda - you are now on to the Construction Stage... the paperwork/admin stage is awful... we are 2 weeks into council and I think something has been missed... at least you are past the admin stage on to the fun stuff now - your home!!!!! I look forward to seeing progress!

  2. Hi Cass, Thanks! I feel for you as I know what your going through, our paperwork had to resubmitted to council as they missed things off the plans. Hopefully you wont be too far behind us. I cant wait to finally see something happen on our land!

  3. This is getting exciting... there is now alot of activity in out street and we are getting closer to having some neighbours.

    Nice talking to you today Matt... and just for the record... no I wont have a cold beer ready for you every Saturday when you come for inspections *wink... dont worry Linda - Renee will have something with bubbles for you as well!

    Cant wait to see your slab go down and it all start going up.. it only felt like a few week ago we were at the same stage.

    PS.. Builder advised... "working towards handover end of October" mmmm maybe packing soon... scary!

  4. Hi Matt and Linda, that is the best news! I cant wait to start comparing notes with you. Fingers crossed everything will get moving really quickly now.