Saturday, 27 August 2011


How do you know when its time to stop?? LOL

There is so much we could get but there comes a time when you have to stop. Anyone else have this problem?

Kitchen upgrades we got were:
Poly doors
Poly Pantry Doors
x4 Extra cupboards (because I wanted the Bulkhead to run all the way across and it couldnt been done unless I purchased these cupboards)
Cold water tap for the fridge
40mm benchtops with waterfall

extra powepoints
points for fans to be installed
footer lights staircase
outdoors lights and powerpoints

All we have left now is the flooring which they said wont be done until the frame is up and the way our house is going that might be Easter......

The one upgrade I would love is the gas fireplace, all I have to do is convince Matt that its worth it


  1. We are yet to do our upgrades for kitchen and electrical... I am scared to think what it will cost. How much did the waterfall edge cost?

    We are having Wisdom supply/install a gas fireplace. I priced it externally for supply and then also supply/install. Wisdom were on track for costs. it comes it at 8K. But the unit itself is over 6k with all the trimmings.

    What is good about it, is its flued externally and it has a 97% heat efficiency. So that in itself is pretty good. We were told that it will heat the majority of our house, it will miss out the study but some of the heat will rise to upstairs.

    We did a drive by today, when do Wisdom think they will get started?

  2. Hey Cass

    The waterfall edge was around $900

    Um who knows when they are going to start its been 4 months in admin since paying our deposit. They are still having issues obtaining our constrcution certificate. Every day Im hoping to get the call to say we are starting soon

  3. It can get out of control with the upgrades. We said no at a point where we knew it would overcapitalise on the land. We purchased our KDR in 2008 for $715k and knew the final house price couldnt be any more than around $500k. Houses of similar style have sold in the area for this price so should we decide to sell in the next year or so we know we would at least get our money back.

    I would have loved to add more but it gets ridicuosly out of hand!!!